Hybrid Certified Facilitator Program

The ELI Hybrid Certified Facilitator Program for Virtual and In-Person Delivery is designed to help Human Resources, EEO, L&D, or other professionals to explore the content in ELI learning solutions and facilitation best practices in virtual and in-person classroom settings. 

This hybrid training solutions system is a blended learning experience that includes self-study pre-work, live virtual instruction over three consecutive days, and homework activities on the ELI Learning Management System (LMS).

Program Overview

The goal of the program is to initially equip new facilitators with tools and skills that prepare them to facilitate virtual learning experiences while also touching upon facilitation best practices for the in-person learning experience. Each certification event will focus on delivering one of the following ELI learning solutions: Civil Treatment® Workplace for Leaders and Employees, Civil Treatment® Government for Leaders and Employees, Building an Inclusive Workplace for Leaders and Employees, Professional Global Workplace or Civil Treatment® Workplace: Inclusion NOW for Leaders and Employees.

Certification Program Agenda

Three-Day Live Virtual Schedule

The three-day live event is hosted on ELI’s Zoom platform and segmented into a morning and afternoon session.

  • AM Session: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM Eastern
  • PM Session: 2:00 PM – 4:30 PM Eastern
During the ELI Virtual Classroom Certification, candidates will:
  • Explore differences between in-person and virtual program delivery: how the delivery of the virtual Civil Treatment Workforce series of courses varies from face-to-face delivery, virtual platform and facilitation best practices, and other production considerations;
  • Explore ELI program subject matter and identify ways to integrate standards from the organization’s code of business conduct, policies, and other standards, into the participant experience;
  • Practice combining ELI’s unique training philosophy, methodologies, and behavior models, with virtual capabilities to deliver an engaging learning experience and support change in behavior for better business results;
  • Discuss how to resolve technical and classroom behavioral challenges that may arise during facilitation.

Ready to Learn More?

Want to learn more about Train-the-Trainer solutions from ELI? Download the Civil Treatment Workplace Virtual Facilitation Badge Program overview or the Certified Facilitator Program information sheets. 

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