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Pioneering experiential learning courses are matched with an innovative delivery model and industry expertise to deliver a cultural transformation.

CTX® Active Learning

Innovative Learning to Transform Your Culture

Today’s leaders understand the importance of an optimized organizational culture as reflected in daily behaviors. Often those behaviors are rude, disruptive, abusive, or even illegal. This doesn’t reflect your organization’s values and makes achieving your goals virtually impossible.

Anchored by the award-winning Civil Treatment® Workplaces courses, CTX Active Learning is a robust learning system that helps establish and sustain core behavioral standards across the organization.

The CTX® Active Learning Difference

This innovative learning model will establish core behavioral standards aligned with your values, enabling you to:

Instill Civil Behaviors

Reduce compliance risk, staff conflict and disruptive behavior

Align Your Workforce

Enhance employee engagement, development and recruitment

Improve Results

Improve collaboration, innovation, service, and overall productivity

Proven Innovation

At the core of the CTX Active Learning system is Civil Treatment® Workplace, a revolutionary approach to experiential learning. Using interactive discussions reinforced with practical skills, your training will generate measurable and sustainable results.

Expert Service

The ELI community includes experts with legal, compliance, DEI, human resource, and adult learning design experience. ELI’s team can help assess the best approach based on your needs, resources, and organizational structure.

Flexible Implementation​

With tailored content, flexible delivery methods and the option to use ELI’s facilitators and/or training your own, CTX enables customized learning journeys for each stakeholder group to support your short- and long-term goals.

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