Read the latest perspectives from ELI® on trends and best practices for building a civil, inclusive, and productive workplace culture.

Diversity and inclusion issues are getting a lot of press these days. People see lawsuits in the news and shake their heads at the egregious examples of racism, sexism, and discrimination that continue to come to light. In this 24-page eBook, we’ll explain how your company can avoid the discriminatory and unwelcoming behaviors that destroy profits and invite lawsuits.

Ready to learn more about what Unconscious Bias is, and how it can affect your workplace? The Introduction to Unconscious Bias provides an overview of Unconscious Bias, including what it is, real-world examples of how it can happen, and helps explain what you can do to address it.

Behavioral issues are often viewed as an unavoidable part of business, with civility being a “soft skill” that is too vague to understand and control. Civility Rules! challenges that notion. The six insights in this book make the case that a Civil Treatment® mindset is important to business leaders and gives examples of the key elements needed to accomplish this transformation.

A Market-Proven Business Approach for Boosting Results and Cutting Risk – An excerpt from the new book by ELI President and CEO

“For as long as I’ve been in the business world, it seems that organizations have tipped the balance of concern toward hard infrastructure and operational processes. They have overlooked the importance of organizational environment, culture, and individual behavior on results. They’ve treated values like respect and civility as business niceties, not business necessities.” – Stephen M. Paskoff

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