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ELI is a human capital consulting company that helps organizations instill core behavioral standards in the workplace. This means more than just reducing risk. It’s about optimizing your culture so your teams can focus on doing their best work without the disruption of uncivil behavior.

Our award-winning training experiences are based on real-life scenarios and are backed by our deep legal expertise and a proactive, high-touch approach to establishing long-term behavioral change. It’s how we’ve helped many of the world’s best-known brands build a workplace that works.


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Award Winning

ELI has won awards from Brandon Hall Group, Human Resources Executive Magazine Corporate Legal Times and more…

Industries Serviced
  • Federal and local government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Construction management
  • Manufacturing
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial services
  • Consumer products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Utilities (energy/nuclear)
  • Education (universities/colleges)
  • Technology and business services

The Costs of Bad Behavior

Civil Treatment Workplace helps organizations address the growing–and expensive– problem of incivility at work. Watch to learn more.

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How it Started

It all started in 1986 when ELI founder Stephen Paskoff saw that companies often waited until a costly incident had occurred before dealing with many of their labor and employment issues.

As an EEOC trial attorney and then law firm partner, he was astonished at the amount of time, money, and energy spent on legal battles that could have been avoided in the first place. Convinced that prevention was the key, he set out to build a unique learning experience that would finally address the underlying causes of bad behavior in the workplace.

What started as one lawyer’s mission is now a global training resource for civil behavior in the workplace. Today, more than 2.5 million people worldwide have experienced ELI training and over 12,000 facilitators have been trained in ELI’s award-winning approach. Many leading organizations and best-known brands (such as Coke, Verizon, UPS, and the EPA) rely on ELI to help them build a more compliant,  respectful, inclusive, and productive workplace.

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