Establishing a Culture of Civility: Insights from SHRM24

In late June, I spoke at SHRM’s annual conference in Chicago where more than 25,000 people were in attendance. A major theme of the event, and recent SHRM initiatives, addressed workplace civility. As this topic has been integral to my work and passion for the past 40+ years, I was excited to see it getting so much attention. My session, entitled Teaching Big Shots to

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Igniting a Continuous Cycle of Learning Through Inclusion

Continuous learning is a critical component of building a successful and inclusive workplace. While monthly awareness campaigns like Pride Month and Juneteenth provide opportunities to reflect on the experiences of others, true inclusion requires an ongoing commitment beyond singular learning events. In this blog post, we explore the value of creating a continuous cycle of learning and how it can transform workplace cultures throughout the

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When Leaders are Too Busy by Steve Paskoff

When Leaders are Too Busy: What it Really Means

Imagine this conversation: Doctor: “We’ve reviewed the tests; our findings are in line with all of the other opinions. You need this operation. Without it, your life is at risk.” Patient: “This is exactly what I’ve been told; I did my research and know you’re the best. Just one question: How long will it take to perform the surgery?” Doctor: “The operation will last 3

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Compliance Training Must Do These 3 Things to Drive Culture Change

3 Compliance Training Tips to Drive Culture Change in the Workplace

Despite a heightened awareness of systemic inequalities driving the demand for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training in the workplace, many studies have shown that it often has little impact on organizational culture change. This is because employers often treat DEI training as an event that employees have to suffer through — enroll, check the box and you’re done. That kind of exercise may satisfy

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How to make compliance training matter

How to Make Employee Compliance Training Stick: 5 Effective Tips

As 2022 starts, so does a new year of employee compliance training deliveries. Now is the time for organizations to consider how to make the time and expense invested in learning and time off the job be as productive and useful as possible. My prediction, though, is that all too many will stick with the status quo, deploying learning characterized by mounds of information and

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