Our Solutions

Professional Services

Professional services from ELI offer a versatile variety of services available to enhance your training program

On-Site and Virtual Training

Clients may choose to use one of ELI’s seasoned attorneys or HR professional instructors to facilitate their training, whether onsite or virtually. ELI’s facilitators are experienced and knowledgeable in delivering our programs in all types of settings. Our facilitators, who are experts in their fields, work with clients to ensure proper messages, policies and the mission of the organization are conveyed during the training.

Executive Sessions

These special sessions are developed for senior leadership to provide insights on how a specific ELI learning solution will enhance their business and what they must do in their daily actions to make sure it’s ingrained in their company’s culture. Generally these sessions are conducted for smaller groups, providing a top-level view and demonstration of how a particular training solution will be delivered in their organizations via several abbreviated, experiential exercises.

Train-the-Trainer Program

ELI’s train-the-trainer workshop, the Certified Facilitator Program (CFP), gives a client’s internal facilitators the knowledge and skills needed to effectively deliver ELI courses. Participants attend a three-day, hands-on workshop where they learn the foundation of ELI course methodology and how to facilitate for maximum impact. They present course segments, complete assessments covering key topics, and receive one-on-one feedback to help improve their effectiveness in the classroom.

One-on-One Coaching and Training

ELI conducts training for those leaders requiring individualized attention due to high-risk, inappropriate conduct in the workplace. These sessions are customized to address each participants specific needs and facilitated by a highly skilled employment attorney with extensive coaching and instructional experience.

Evaluation and Analysis

ELI’s philosophy is to measure training effectiveness so concepts communicated during training are implemented and reinforced. ELI can provide you with assistance in measuring the impact of ELI training by helping you monitor one or more of the following: participant reactions to the training; facilitator effectiveness in communicating the material; the extent to which participants learn, retain, and/or can apply the principles taught in the training; and the training’s short- and long-term impact on the work environment and culture.

Online Support

ELI’s eLearning programs are available on the Internet, hosted on ELI’s Learning Management System (LMS). We also offer our clients the option of LMS integration that includes helpdesk support to ensure a smooth and effective online learning experience.

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