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ELI is proud of our relationships with so many industry-leading organizations that are committed to doing things right. They are the best places to work, because they work at being the best, including a proactive approach to optimizing their culture.

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We’re very pleased to have our clients among the top rankings on lists such as:

  • Fortune’s 100 Best Companies to Work For
  • Fortune’s 50 Best for Minorities
  • Fortune’s America’s Most Admired
  • Fortune’s America’s Most Admired in Healthcare
  • Training Magazine’s Top 100 Training Organizations
  • Diversity, Inc.’s Top 50 Companies for Diversity
  • National Association of Female Executives’ Top 30 Companies for Executive Women
  • Working Mothers’ 100 Best Companies for Working Mothers

A key aspect of HR is ensuring EEO compliance to prevent harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. It’s important to prevent illegal behaviors, but rude, abusive, dismissive, bullying, and other toxic behaviors can be equally disruptive to performance and results. With Civil Treatment Workplace, you can definitively establish core behavioral standards that are aligned with your organization’s values, empowering individuals and teams to focus on engaging, collaborating, and performing at their highest potential.

Cultivating tomorrow’s leaders is an ongoing process, starting with helping optimize their daily behaviors. With Civil Treatment Workplace, you empower staff to fully understand how their behaviors can impact others, intentionally or otherwise. By helping establish how to best manage one’s own interactions, as well as the importance of listening, observing and when necessary, intervening, your leaders can maximize their interactions while fostering a supportive and productive environment for all.

Many learning and development leaders face the same issues: getting improved results from less resources, adapting to a global workplace, and delivering the greatest impact across all efforts. One area of major concern–and tremendous potential impact– is reinforcing the organization’s culture. Employee behaviors influence every aspect of your daily operations, so aligning behaviors with company values will help reduce risk and conflict while increasing engagement and productivity across individuals and teams.

To successfully develop and maintain DEI initiatives, leaders must establish behavioral standards aligned with the desired values. With Civil Treatment Workplace, participants are equipped with tools to contribute to highly inclusive teams and honor peoples’ differences. A more inclusive and respectful culture is proven to reduce conflict, increase collaboration and improve business results.

Now more than ever, the need to ensure an engaged, productive workforce is mission-critical. Employees and recruits place a high value on the organization’s culture, which means you must ensure fair, respectful, and inclusive behaviors are supported across the enterprise. For decades, ELI has led the way in establishing civil behaviors that are aligned with organizational values, leading to reduced risk, increased satisfaction and improved results.

In today’s dynamic landscape, fostering an engaged and productive workforce is paramount. Both employees and potential recruits prioritize organizational culture, emphasizing the importance of promoting fairness, respect, and inclusivity throughout your enterprise. With a proven track record spanning decades, ELI remains at the forefront of championing civil behaviors that reflect organizational values. This commitment not only mitigates risks but also enhances satisfaction and drives improved outcomes.

Roles We Serve

An optimized culture supports virtually every aspect of business, but when core behaviors are aligned with the organization’s mission, vision and values, company leadership and HR roles are poised to see a significant impact.

Industries We Serve

ELI has proudly served thousands of organizations in virtually every industry, ranging in size from a few dozen to more than 500K employees. Along the way, we’ve trained more than 2.5 million people. 

Here’s a sample of the industries where we have substantial experience with instilling core behaviors that help optimize operational and financial performance. 

Healthcare organizations face unique challenges in establishing and maintaining an optimized culture. ELI has a long history of providing specialized training and tools to ensure a civil, productive workplace, enabling our clients to focus on delivering quality care to their communities.

In a country based on diversity, accountability, and respect for all, the government agencies tasked with supporting our myriad needs and goals have high expectations. ELI is proud to have supported hundreds of local, state, and federal agencies with aligning their workplace behaviors with these values so their teams can focus on supporting their communities.

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Across America, families and businesses rely on consistent, efficient power generation, To meet this demand, utility producers require a focused workforce that’s highly aligned with their mission. On the job site, behavioral issues can create extremely dangerous situations, so ELI is proud to help so many utility providers proactively establish core behavioral standards that reduce risk, ensure respect, and increase performance.

In addition to Civil Treatment Workplace, we offer the Respectful Industrial Workplace module

As an incredibly competitive, regulated and consumer-centric industry, financial services organizations must find ways to adapt to changing market conditions and set themselves apart. Having a strong, compliant culture is key to success, which is why so many partner with ELI to help establish strong behavioral standards that allow their people to focus on delivering excellent service and achieving their mission.

The communications industry requires an equal focus on innovation and service, both of which require a respectful, values-aligned working environment. ELI has partnered with market-leading communications firms to establish behavioral standards conducive to collaborating, innovating and providing excellent customer service.

For service-based industries such as manufacturing, food and consumer products, staff behavior has an increased impact. With thousands of associates working side-by-side, incivility can increase risk exposure, create safety issues, reduce productivity, and more. ELI has proudly supported some of America’s leading organizations in aligning behaviors with the organization’s mission and values to improve their operational and financial performance.

In addition to Civil Treatment Workplace, we offer the Respectful Industrial Workplace module

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