Mission, Vision, and Values

At ELI, we enable organizations to establish core behavioral standards aligned with their values. This helps prevent risk, reduce conflicts, and optimize engagement to ensure that individuals and teams can focus on performing to their fullest potential.

The ELI Difference
  • Innovative learning programs based on decades of success
  • Practical tools to reinforce learning for long-term success
  • Flexible delivery based on each audience’s needs
  • Expertise to support successful outcomes

ELI’s Vision

To create innovative workplace learning experiences that matter to learners and are simple to implement, understand, and sustain.

ELI’s Mission

To achieve fairness in all workplaces.

ELI’s Organizational Values


Always tells the truth in a professional manner and without pretense.


Demonstrates respect, seeks out, and welcomes a variety of perspectives.


Has a “get it done” work ethic with excellence.


Takes ownership of issues and/or complaints, seeing them through to resolution.


Supports the ELI® Strategic Direction.

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