Stating your values won’t improve your results.

Stating your values won’t improve your results.

Activating them will…

Everyday behaviors drive your culture, and culture drives your business. If these behaviors don’t match your organization’s values, your culture—and bottom line—will suffer.

Creating a respectful workplace with behavior standards aligned with your values will boost teamwork, improve results and lower risks.

With a combination of innovative learning solutions, strategic guidance and operational support, ELI can help turn your organization’s culture into a business advantage.

A whirlwind of change is impacting the DEI landscape. This informative article details the trends effecting cultural initiatives and previews the potential impacts going forward.

The pioneering learning program that helps activate your organization’s values for an optimized culture.


What is bad behavior costing your organization?

Market-Proven Solutions

See why so many industry-leading organizations trust ELI to help them address lost productivity, turnover, and damage caused by incivility.

Innovative Learning to
Transform your Culture

For nearly 40 years, ELI’s innovative learning solutions have revolutionized how people interact in the workplace. By enabling you to align daily behaviors with the organization's values, ELI helps reduce compliance risk and transform your culture to improve operational and financial performance.

ELI offers our award-winning training series Civil Treatment Workplace in customized versions for federal government agencies. With dedicated training for both Leaders and Employees, these courses specifically address the objectives and issues related to federal government agencies.

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ELI’s learning solutions help clients obtain their best results in line with their mission and values. Since 1986, public and private employers have used ELI programs to realize their commitment to building enduing Civil Treatment® Workplaces staffed by diverse, respectful and engaged team members. Together, they do their best work connected by a commitment to their organization’s objectives, guiding principles and standards.

On behalf of all of us here at ELI, we are anguished by the awful events we have seen in Minneapolis and elsewhere and the stain of racial injustice, intolerance and inhumanity that remains embedded in our society and nation in all quarters and levels. It affects and damages all of us carrying special harms, dangers, risks and pain for our African-American friends, neighbors, and coworkers, much of which are borne silently by them unknown or not understood by so many of the rest of us.