Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

The effects of sexual harassment in the workplace cause untold damage. In this infographic we look at what you need to know about sexual harassment in the workplace.

Unconscious Bias

This infographic illustrates how people can make snap judgments, willingly or otherwise, based on past experiences or other phenomena, and includes a quick assessment link.

Social Media

This infographic illustrates how many people are engaging with social media and how this raises your organization’s risk to the repercussions of these omnipresent media channels.

Trust in the Workplace​

ELI conducted a survey to explore the issue of trust in the workplace. This infographic shows some key findings, and you can download the full report by clicking here.

Workplace Bullying

Ninety-six percent of employees have experienced incivility at work, and bullying is estimated to be four times more prevalent than illegal harassment. Find out why this matters to your organization.

Employee Engagement

This infographic shows the benefits of optimized employee engagement, including the negative impact of incivility in today’s workplace.

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