Why your training should do more than “check the box”

What is the purpose of your training program? It’s probably not a question you ask yourself often, but the answer is an important one. The way in which you view your training program will result in countless decisions that have far-reaching effects.

What is Check-the-Box Training?

With check-the-box training, you’re operating with a defensive mindset from the start. Most companies use their employee training program as a defensive strategy, one designed to prevent lawsuits or to win them if they arise. The problem is, this type of training often is not interactive, engaging, and ultimately is not designed to change behavior.

Losing is the New Winning

Think about it… is winning a lawsuit really a “win” for your company? Considering the cost, the distraction, the potential damage to your reputation or your brand, wouldn’t it be better to avoid it in the first place? By changing your approach to training, you’ll go from building a defense to actually changing employee behavior and creating a positive workplace.

Hidden Benefits of Changing Behavior

The potential risk to your company lies in behavior. Bullying, harassment, and other aggressive behaviors create a breeding ground for escalating conflict. Effective training coupled with reinforcement does more than just prevent bad behavior; it creates good behavior which increases morale, productivity, retention and recruiting.

The Bottom Line

Regardless of the method you choose, you’re still paying for the training. If you’re simply checking the box, you’re not investing in real change; you merely satisfy a requirement. Your training budget should work hard at producing change and generate results. Investing in changing behavior will pay dividends again and again and again.

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