Respectful Industrial Workplace

ELI’s Focal Point module on a Respectful Industrial Workplace provides alternative sexual harassment and inappropriate mutual banter scenarios that take place in an industrial setting..

Protect Your Workplace

In Respectful Industrial Workplace, your Leaders and Employees will explore scenarios where sexual harassment and inappropriate mutual banter commonly occur, along with tools to prevent and address these accordingly.

The module fits seamlessly into your other Civil Treatment Workplace initiatives and helps your workforce recognize and proactively address sexual harassment and inappropriate mutual banter where and when it occurs.

Through discussion and discovery, participants gain awareness and insight into how their actions and comments can impact others and create risk for the organization, as well as tips to prevent and address issues accordingly.

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Help your workforce understand Sexual Harassment and how it affects your workplace

This approximately 45-minute module enhances your organization’s learning journey and allows for customization with your organization’s polices, standards, and messages as part of the content.

During this interactive module, participants will:
  • Learn what sexual harassment and inappropriate mutual banter are and how they affect your workplace
  • Understand best practices for how to avoid sexual harassment and inappropriate mutual banter 
  • Experience interactive exercises
  • Create a self-reflection inventory
  • Develop a personalized action plan

Delivery Options

ELI provides a variety of delivery options for our learning experiences and can tailor the modes based on your organization’s requirements.


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