Message from Stephen Paskoff, President and CEO, ELI, Inc.

On behalf of all of us here at ELI, we are anguished by the awful events we have seen in Minneapolis and elsewhere and the stain of racial injustice, intolerance and inhumanity that remains embedded in our society and nation in all quarters and levels. It affects and damages all of us carrying special harms, dangers, risks and pain for our African-American friends, neighbors, and coworkers, much of which are borne silently by them unknown or not understood by so many of the rest of us.

As President Lincoln and most recently President Obama stated, we must continually strive to build a more perfect union. This will require governmental action at all levels including laws, regulations, leadership commitment, and community and personal actions. It will require the same kind of organizational and personal commitment in our workplaces, where so much of the fabric of our lives is woven. But, we must do more now.

As one of many first steps, we must encourage leaders and team members to welcome and listen to their African-American friends and colleagues. Now is a time to hear, consider and understand their histories and experiences in and out of work. They include stark injustices and daily indignities that reduce their opportunities, affect their lives and health and diminish us all. And for organizational values of respect and inclusion to have meaning, we must act in line with what we learn. When we do, so much that is lasting and meaningful can be accomplished where we work and beyond. And, by speaking and listening, we will be acting in line with all of our better angels.

President and CEO, ELI, Inc.

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