Civil Treatment® Insight – Workplace Bullying

ct insight logoWorkplace bullying gradually undermines an individual’s self-esteem and confidence. Unlike constructive criticism, bullying in the workplace has the effect of further damaging a person’s performance (rather than helping to improve it). In order to reduce workplace bullying, leadership must build a culture that revolves around its goals, ethics and values. Watch this quick ct Insight video for tips on how to combat bullying in your workplace.

  • Ailee Thompson says:

    Great video and thank you for sharing it!

  • Craig Lindberg says:

    Excellent topic Steve. It’s amazing that with the billions spent on compliance and audits not to mention all kinds of process improvements, the fundamental issue of providing a civil workplace environment goes overlooked when it could literally translate into a financial windfall for a company. Thanks for leading the charge!
    Craig Lindberg

  • Dothel W. Edwards, Jr. says:

    This topic has been added to my research agenda. I look forward receiving training to combat this workplace phenomenon.
    Thanks !

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