Simplify the Disparate Workplace Messages or They'll Get Lost

I just got back from a long roadtrip from Atlanta to Boston to New York to Atlanta. Like just about everyone else I saw, I carried my version of the necessary road warrior package – a laptop, Blackberry/cell phone, ipod, and camera, plus separate chargers for each. Not only did I have to have each of these devices, I had to know how to pack

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Workplace Culture: Renovations in Progress

We just completed a major renovation to our office space, and I’m happy to say my new office is clean and it will stay that way. No longer are there papers covering the conference table or files spread out on the floor. I still have personal mementoes on my desk and credenza, but not so many that my office resembles an eBay salvage operation. I

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It's Makeover Time for Civil Treatment Characters

Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to old friends – or, in this case, old characters who feel like old friends. But the times have changed, and so must Sam, Jean, Rob, Carol, and other familiar faces from Civil Treatment® for Managers and Civil Treatment® for Employees. One of the most exciting parts of revising CTM and CTE (revised versions of both programs will be released in

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'What Not to Wear' in ELI Vignettes

When it comes to fashion, it seems everyone has an opinion, and our course vignettes are no different. People often ask about characters’ wardrobes and how we choose them. Obviously, we want the actors to look realistic and appropriate for our clients’ working environments, and we also try to choose outfits that will have some staying power. We generally dress our actors in a variety

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A Visit to the MLK Historic Birthplace

On a recent morning, our company visited the Martin Luther King Center and toured the MLK birthplace here in Atlanta. As I walked through his house, I thought, people will be visiting this home for the next 500 years, just as I’d visited the final residence of Leonardo Da Vinci in Blois a few years ago. I walked through rooms where something happened to help

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Going Off Script

So many conversations go nowhere because they’re monologues and the wrong person is talking. I just had a meeting about a business issue and the person selling the service spent most of the time telling me about his approach and how he’d handle my situation. When I finally got the chance to speak, he only asked a few questions. So while he presented eloquently, by

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