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Sustaining What We Learn; Changing What We Do

How much of what we learn do we remember? And, how do we make sure that what we learn has an enduring impact on our behavior?  These are the riddles which organizations must solve as they try to measure the value of their investments in learning and the impact it

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Training, Framing, Retaining, Sustaining

How is it that some learning initiatives work delivering messages which participants absorb and apply while others fail without generating business results wasting time and money in the process? Read learning publications and you’ll find that measuring return on investment [ROI] in terms of behavioral and cultural change is a

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My German Shepherd, Memphis, and Sustaining What We Learn

As I sit here writing this blog, it’s occurred to me that everything I need to know about creating sustained learning I can learn from Memphis. That’s my five-year-old German Shepherd, who is resting by my chair as she does every morning. Our morning routine is well-established now. Every morning,

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