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The How and Why of Speaking Up

When asking employees and managers what they most want to feel, I often hear that they want to be “recognized.”  They want to feel that their contributions matter; that they are seen for who they are and what they contribute.  They want to feel valued and they want their opinions

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You Can't Win with "Air in the Chair"

I spoke recently with a senior executive at a major company whose innovative products and services are known around the globe.  Since she is responsible for talent management, we were discussing the issues of diversity and inclusion. She asked me something I hear all the time. “The real issue for

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Going Nuclear – To More Safe Power For Georgia’s People

Within the week, I read two headlines whose pairing is striking. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the construction of the first two U.S. nuclear power plants in 30 years. Second, Roger Boisjoly’s death was announced. No doubt you’ve read about the NRC’s decision and likely the reactions it has generated. Many

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