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New Year, New Learning Center

The Way People Learn Is Changing…And So Are We. Big things are happening in 2014 at ELI.  Not only are we launching our new Civil Treatment® for Managers and Civil Treatment® for Employees this year, our learning center is getting a MAJOR facelift! Periodically we will be posting pictures of the rennovations

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What We'll Learn in 2014

A New Year has arrived, and it’s time for predictions. I’ll make one and add some suggestions to help deal with a change I see on the horizon relating to learning investments. My prediction is that organizations will increasingly look at learning effectiveness as opposed to learning delivery with a more careful, thoughtful approach

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Championing Federal Employees

Congratulations are due to Katherine Archuleta, who stepped in to her role as director of the Office of Personnel Management on November 4.  Her main objective: to champion federal workers. A noble goal and, as with most things worthy, not easy. Let’s face it, it’s been tough to be a federal worker over

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Learning Las Vegas

What do you get when you mix Sin City, three coworkers 2000 miles from their desks, and a giant training and learning conference?  Before you answer this question, we should tell you that the aforementioned co-workers make up ELI’s Product Development team, and as such, live and breathe the Prescriptive

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Engaged and Committed: Who is Responsible?

Last week I overheard a conversation between my two teenagers.  My son told his sister that he was an A-student in Spanish these days.  “Having a great teacher makes all the difference,” he explained.  Preparing to insert myself into their conversation to point out that he had a great teacher

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