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When Leaders Mean It

How do you know when an organization is really committed to a culture change initiative?  I believe the lodestar boils down to this: whether it’s being led by or simply given token support by senior leaders. There’s no great wisdom in this observation. The real question is: “How do you

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The First Four-Letter Word A Child Learns…

Don’t worry, the first, four-letter word a child learns is likely not the one you are thinking. It’s “FAIR.” We understand from early childhood the difference between more or less, better or worse. I was reminded of this recently by one of our clients who challenged leaders in her company to

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More Than 50 Shades of Grey at Work – Part One

Colors mean a lot in our workplaces. They can symbolize issues, groups, and messages. Think of black, white, pink, red, and green, and, more than likely, several associations will quickly come to mind. Green means “go” or “money” or “environmentally conscious.” Most color associations are fairly easy to come up

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When Culture Killers Are Top Performers

Recently, I heard a dynamic key note presentation at a Human Resources forum attended by leaders from some of the nation’s largest and best known organizations. The SVP gave a crisp talk explaining how her company, well known to all of us who have consumed their fast food specialties, had

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Knit Picking in Amsterdam

Scandal, turf wars, political intrigue.  Those were the subjects of the conversation two weeks ago between me and two American colleagues now living in Amsterdam.  The presidential elections recently over, the Petraeus scandal now breaking, the BBC reeling from a scandal of its own, the US peering over the edge of

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My German Shepherd, Memphis, and Sustaining What We Learn

As I sit here writing this blog, it’s occurred to me that everything I need to know about creating sustained learning I can learn from Memphis. That’s my five-year-old German Shepherd, who is resting by my chair as she does every morning. Our morning routine is well-established now. Every morning,

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