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Fly Fishing and Workplace Learning

I’m standing in thigh-deep water. My wife is to my right, a guide, a few years older than I am, is between us. I’m wearing waders, have a fly rod in my hand, the water is rushing by, and this is all unfamiliar. I bike, I hike, I exercise a

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My German Shepherd, Memphis, and Sustaining What We Learn

As I sit here writing this blog, it’s occurred to me that everything I need to know about creating sustained learning I can learn from Memphis. That’s my five-year-old German Shepherd, who is resting by my chair as she does every morning. Our morning routine is well-established now. Every morning,

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Learning Simple Enough to Stick

Have you taken a class, gone through a webinar or completed an online module more than a week ago? Quick – don’t check your notes or, review the syllabus – what do you remember? My guess: the more complex and detailed the topic the less likely it is you’ll recall

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Community Learning at Work

I listened to our instructor explaining how our new software package will work. I’m excited to learn and use this tool – it will ease communication and improve how we do business. There’s a lot to absorb, but I’m confident that eventually it will become routine, even for me. I

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Curbing Wasteful Compliance Training

I’m writing this blog as I sit in a cavernous auditorium with 14 other Georgia attorneys. The lawyer in front of me is doing a crossword puzzle; the lawyer to his left is scanning her Kindle Fire. Several are sending emails; one’s reading a crime novel, another, a newspaper. One

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