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An Open Letter to San Diego's Next Mayor

Dear New Mayor of San Diego: We expect you to understand that sexual and other forms of unlawful harassment are prohibited.  One might have believed that to be well-accepted, however San Diego’s Mayor Bob Filner’s responses to allegations of sexual harassment from ten women (so far) suggest that it may

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What do Vietnam, Brazil, and India Have in Common?

On a single day this month, ELI consultants were dispatched across the globe to work with clients from Vietnam, Brazil, and India.  ELI was, for that day, part of what those countries had in common.  And it didn’t stop there; our presentations also included participants from Australia, Japan, Pakistan, South Korea, China,

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Thoughts on the Global Workplace from Hanoi

I recently returned from Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital and a bustling, ancient, and rapidly modernizing city.  My client engaged my company to help communicate common principles of daily business conduct to its leaders meeting in Asia.  As a baby boomer who attended college in the late 60’s and early 70’s, this

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What’s Cooking In Savannah – Paula Deen in the Fire

Last week, the Food Network announced it would not renew Paula Deen’s contract when it expires at the end of June.  Her dismissal occurred after she admitted using racial slurs in a pre-trial deposition involving a lawsuit filed by a former employee. She may be the first Southern chef to

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The New York Times Test & Corporate Misbehavior

The New York Times Test is mentioned often in the context of corporate misbehavior. It basically says that you can decide whether or not you should do something by considering whether or not you’d want it (and your name) to appear in an article on the front page of the

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When Culture Killers Are Top Performers

Recently, I heard a dynamic key note presentation at a Human Resources forum attended by leaders from some of the nation’s largest and best known organizations. The SVP gave a crisp talk explaining how her company, well known to all of us who have consumed their fast food specialties, had

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