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The Final Four Verdict — Rutgers Fouls Out

When the Final Four landed in Atlanta this year, I got a chance to experience the Tournament’s excitement up close with my cousin Michael and his son Dan who came to town to sell team souvenirs and network. They introduced me to their friends – coaches, former players, and devoted

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Lance’s Lot –The Cost of Fraud

My son John and I stood several layers of people deep near the Champs Elysees on July 29, 2001 – one of the best days of my life. We had flown to Paris the day before for a bike trip in France which by lucky coincidence coincided with the final

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Bullying, Power and Safety

I sat in front of the audience last week participating as a panelist on workplace bullying. The Atlanta Diversity Management Advocacy Group (ADMAG), sponsored the session held at Georgia Power, our local utility and a long-time client. Conrado Marion-Landais, representing our host, walked to the podium, welcomed the audience and

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