Case Studies

Harassment Training Changes Behavior and Reduces Risk

The Challenge

With a focus on changing workplace behaviors to increase productivity, reduce distractions, and decrease charges and litigation risk, Cox Media’s objective was to find a learning solution and partner that could help the company correct issues internally before they escalated into larger problems. The solution needed to bring to life the standards and expectations described in their policies, ensure everyone understood how those standards apply to their daily workplace behavior, and provide practical skills people could easily apply back on the job.

The Approach

Cox partnered with ELI® to implement a broad-based initiative that has included coordinating communication messages with other key business initiatives; conducting strategic analysis of training requirements; identifying appropriate program content; and determining audience segmentation, delivery methods, and rollout strategies. Cox implemented programs in ELI’s Civil Treatment® series to address its learning requirements and business objectives. Certifying internal Cox instructors to deliver the training increased the impact and further aligned the initiative with other Cox business goals. Tying the training to Cox’s core business was a significant step in gaining leadership support. Cox’s senior management team also assembled for an executive session conducted by Stephen M. Paskoff, ELI’s president. This session helped gain the senior team’s buy-in and prepared leaders to support the initiative through their conduct. Ongoing follow-up and measurement activities have helped the company track success and make any adjustments as needed.

How the Learning Has Made a Difference

The partnership has yielded significant results at Cox, including a dramatic decline in charges and a palpable change in the corporate culture. According to Teresa Kennedy, Esq., Assistant General Counsel at Cox, before working with ELI, the company had a high number of EEO filings in one specific division; however, since training was implemented, filings dropped to zero. Kennedy also reports a significant change in their culture: “We do evaluations after each session and participants say it was the best training they’ve been through, the most enjoyable, and the most applicable to their daily lives. We think this is why the program has really been such a good investment. Our people have internalized the concepts they’ve learned.”

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