Civil Treatment® Workplace for Employees

Civil Treatment Workplace for Employees builds on our award-winning methodologies used by thousands of ELI-certified instructors. It helps establish behavioral standards that are aligned with the organization’s mission, values and goals — and maintain those changes for the long term

Create and Sustain an Optimized Culture

Civil Treatment Workplace for Employees incorporates an experiential learning model backed with practical tools to embed the core concepts with your leadership audience.  This enables individuals and teams to benefit from a more respectful, inclusive and productive work environment to improve performance.

Topics Discussed

Harassment | Manager’s Duty to Act | Retaliation/Protected Protest | Abusive Behavior | Inappropriate Mutual Banter | Speaking Up about Workplace Issues | Electronic Communications

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Civil Treatment Workplace use a market-proven approach to adult learning reinforced with practical tools to instill core behavioral standards.

Course Features

With many traditional training programs, the key goal is raising awareness. But sustaining cultural change is what drives the vision behind the Civil Treatment Workplace and its training components. ELI’s robust methodology expands the scope of workplace training from a one-time event to an ongoing learning experience that creates an optimized workplace culture for all.

Measurable Results
Courtroom Scenarios
new dialogue model
concise in-class program
realistic scenarios
pre- and post-learning tools

Delivery Options

ELI provides a variety of delivery options for our learning experiences and can tailor the modes based on your organization’s requirements.


training (ILT)
Virtual instructor-

led training (VILT)
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