Civil Treatment® Workplace for Leaders


Civil Treatment® Workplace for Leaders – Government (CTWL-G) provides your leaders with the skills and insights they need to achieve positive business results and engage employees in ways that inspire their best work.

Align Behaviors with Your Agency's Values

Rather than focusing on the law exclusively, CTWL-G focuses on a wide range of behaviors to offer a comprehensive learning solution based on realistic business simulations. With simple and sustainable learning models and tools, your leaders will develop skills proven to positively impact your workplace culture, and agency mission.

CTWL-G leverages proven adult learning methodologies to provide a dynamic, diverse, and impactful learning experience.

It addresses your agency’s most compelling and urgent priorities for creating and maintaining a civil, productive, and inclusive work environment.

Topics Discussed

Explore Civil Treatment Workplace for Government

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CTWL-G is a full day of instruction that can be taught by one of ELI’s professional instructors or your own ELI-certified instructors. ELI® offers an HRCI- and SHRM-accredited train-the-trainer certification program.

Common Questions Addressed

  • How do your leaders’ behaviors directly impact the agency’s mission?
  • How do your leaders model agency values, and how can they best respond to issues when they come up?
  • How do your leaders hold employees accountable and coach effectively for optimal performance?
  • How can inappropriate behavior compromise even the most effective leadership practices?
  • How do your leaders behave when they learn of an employee complaint?
  • How does social media impact today’s workplace, and what is the most effective role for leaders?

What Our Clients Have Said

Civil Treatment Workplace for Leaders – Government simulates some of the most important conversations your leaders will have with their people.

“I found this [Civil Treatment] class to be much more interesting and stimulating than [our online learning solution] and feel this was a better use of my time than getting this material from a computer.”

“Out of the multiple courses I have taken like this over 25 years, this is absolutely best one! Good course! Good job!”

“As managers…we can be more aware of our treatment of others and how other supervisors are treating their employees. We need to be the solution and not tolerate the existing conditions…”

Delivery Options

ELI provides a variety of delivery options for our learning experiences and can tailor the modes based on your organization’s requirements.


training (ILT)
Virtual instructor-

led training (VILT)
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