The JustTalk Model

ELI’s Focal Point module on the JustTalk Model provides hows and whys for holding respectful, inclusive, and professional conversations in the workplace.

Discussing sensitive topics is a tough but necessary element of a civil workplace. This module empowers your teams to navigating these conversations for improved engagement and reduced risk.

The module fits seamlessly into your other Civil Treatment Workplace initiatives and helps your workforce understand the need to share– and hear– about sensitive topics in a productive manner.

Through discussion of this innovative model, participants will learn to apply the model to several different situations (both as speaker and listener) and will then review tips for increasing inclusion and developing their own techniques. 

Learn more about Focal Points

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Help your workforce discuss topics in a manner that addresses behaviors before they become problems or create risk for the organization.

This approximately one-hour module enhances your organization’s learning journey and allows for customization with your organization’s polices, standards, and messages as part of the content.

During this interactive module, participants will learn that:
  • Speaking up and being receptive to different ideas and issues leads to innovation, problem-solving, and achieving the best results.
  • The JustTalk Model provides guidance for holding respectful, inclusive, and professional conversations.
  • It should be used when speaking up to someone or listening to them regarding concerns, issues, and ideas.

Delivery Options

ELI provides a variety of delivery options for our learning experiences and can tailor the modes based on your organization’s requirements.


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