High-Performing Virtual Teams

ELI’s Focal Point module on High-Performing Virtual Teams provides best practices to prepare teams to collaborate and deliver their best work in a virtual environment.

Engage Your Workforce

High-Performing Virtual Teams helps prepare your Leaders and Employees to optimize communication and collaboration in a hybrid or virtual environment.

The module fits seamlessly into your other Civil Treatment Workplace initiatives and helps your workforce optimize engagement and reduce conflict.

While we may have new technology to work outside the office, many teams are less collaborative, innovative, productive and inclusive than before. This Focal Point helps identify the best behaviors–and problem areas– en route to a highly engaged and productive workforce.

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Help guide your workforce to optimized engagement and collaboration in a hybrid or virtual environment.

This approximately 45-minute module enhances your organization’s learning journey and allows for customization with your organization’s polices, standards, and messages as part of the content.

During this interactive module, participants will:
  • Use organizational values as the foundation for working collaboratively and inclusively on virtual teams
  • Appreciate that flexibility and adaptiveness are key to interacting virtually
  • Learn to speak up and be receptive to different ideas
  • Develop problem solving skills to help address issues and optimize results

Delivery Options

ELI provides a variety of delivery options for our learning experiences and can tailor the modes based on your organization’s requirements.


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